North Park University

Chicago-Based Learning

Student and Faculty Enrichment

Vibrant campus and community life is essential to undergraduate learning. North Park also recognizes that Chicago is a rich resource to provide the breadth of student learning opportunities and to inspire faculty teaching.

Chicago-based student learning takes place in both the classroom and through co-curricular engagement. North Park students use Chicago as their classroom for learning, research, fieldwork, and volunteer service. The city is an unmatched resource for internships, real-world experience, and starting careers and life after college.

Your support is needed to advance:

  • Faculty development and curriculum enhancement: Enable our professors to explore the best ways to integrate their academic disciplines with the core values of North Park as Christian, urban, and multicultural.
  • Urban engagement: Foster increased partnerships for learning, service, and vocational development with diverse civic, business, educational, religious, and cultural institutions.

If you are interested in supporting Chicago initiatives, please contact the Office of Development at North Park University.